Hello and welcome. I'm Lewis Moorcroft and I'm a website developer and digital artist hobbyist.

Photo of Lewis Moorcroft

The Art of Lewis Moorcroft was first launched in 2004 and showcases my digital art, created using Pandromeda's Mojoworld. At the beginning of 2013 I kicked off a site revamp project. The aim of this was to firstly give the site a much needed re-design, to replace the ageing seven year old one, and to secondly re-render the galleries at higher resolution.

I am happy to announce that nearly one year on, in January 2014, the landscape, panorama and abstract gallery re-rendering is complete. There were some hiccups along the way with some re-renders, so for 2014 I plan to re-visit those and get the skybox gallery and replacement 3DCommune Challenge archive download page done. All future updates will be posted on my Twitter account.

Unfortunately I did lose the setup files for a few due to a series of hard disk failures back in 2006, but the originals for these can still be found on my Renderosity gallery.

Up until 2013, my 'art time' has been spent with The Art of Lewis Moorcroft's sister site - Astral Realm, which was launched in November 2011. I created Astral Realm because I wanted to re-focus and spend time working on what I am most passionate about - creating atmospheric landscapes and spacescapes. That being said, now that I have re-launched The Art of Lewis Moorcroft, with a new 2D gallery, the intention is to give it a bit more attention and return to some good old fashioned Mojoworld.